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The official Windows Themes directory at hosts some beautiful themes for your Windows desktop.Install the 7-zip utility and then download any of the .deskthemepack files from the Windows Themes gallery. Press F2 to rename the theme file and change its extension to...

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Windows 8 lists its token bundled themes, as well as an option to create your own. Click any theme, and Windows 8 tries it on immediately. Click any theme, and Windows 8 tries it on immediately. The window offers these themes, with options listed along the window’s bottom.

Change Windows 8 start menu to Windows 7 style | ITworld If you don't like the WIndows 8 start menu, here's how you can change it to the classic Windows 7 version. 1. Open the Run command box by using the Win+R 4. Find the value "RPEnabled" and then double click it. 5. Change the 1 to a 0. Now you should have the classic style start menu in Windows 8. How to Change Windows 8 to Windows 7 in Lenovo G480 Step 3: Install Windows 7 according to the normal method and procedures. In a word, if the default system or pre-installed system of your Lenovo G480 laptop is Windows 8 and you unlike it, you can change it to Windows 7 in accordance with the above-described steps. How to Change the Theme in Windows 8 - dummies Windows Default Themes: This category includes the bundled themes in Windows 8, including its original one, called simply Windows. Instead of choosing from the built-in themes, feel free to make your own by clicking the buttons for changing the Desktop Background, Window Color, Sounds, and... How to use Windows 8 themes and theme packs on Windows 7

How to Change Windows 7 Product Key.If you cannot wait for the launch of Windows 8 that could take very well take a lot of time and want to try out a Windows 8 based theme on your current installation of Windows 7 desktop, here is a beautiful and neat Windows 8 theme for Windows 7. How to Install a Desktop Theme For All Users in Windows … A theme is a combination of desktop background pictures, Window colors, sound scheme and a screensaver. Windows 7 introduces a new fileOriginally the Wallpaper path was as in the image below. We’ll change that to the following absolute path, as we’re eventually going to place the theme... How to Change Theme in Windows Phone 8? | Developer… The Windows Phone 7 Provided the option for the user to change the Theme by changing the Background and the Accent Colour.4. The Windows Phone 8 Offers 20 different accent colours to select from which includes violet, pink, magenta, crimson, red, orange, amber, yellow etc. How to Use Windows 8 Themes on Windows 7 Machines

Windows Aero - Wikipedia Windows Aero was in force during the development of Windows Vista and Windows 7. In 2012, with the development of Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012, Microsoft moved on to a design language codenamed "Metro". Windows 10 Themes 1950+ FREE Windows 10 Themes. Select and Download the Best Themes for Windows 10/8/8.1 and themepacks for Windows 7. HOW TO Change Windows 8 TO Windows 7 Theme with Start Button… GET ViStart or Classic Shell both are good, link- HOW TO Change Windows 8 TO Windows 7 Theme with Start Button menu video t...

As we have already covered on this blog, Windows 8 has many customization options which were not present in Windows 7 and one of them is the auto color option for themes. This feature enables the themes to set the Windows aero color based on the theme wallpaper automatically instead of static color like in Windows 7.

How To Change Theme In Windows 8 | I Love Free Software To change the theme select anyone of the provided themes. Your theme will be changed instantly just like in Windows 7. Your installation of Windows mightAlso Windows provides you with the option to customize themes according to your need. To customize a theme just use the options which are... Windows 8/8.1 Theme for Windows 7 by mare-m on… Theme pack includes: -All Windows 8/8.1 Default Wallpapers and Colors+ Windows 8/8.1 Black Theme -6 Windows 8 Earth Wallpapers and ColorsIt's recommended to install Windows 7 Service Pack 1 before you change system files. If you have a problem with applying a theme visit this page... How to Change Desktop Theme on Windows 8/8.1

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Windows 8: As you might know, Windows 8 is on the way and it features a great Metro user interface. This will make the way you work a lot more efficient . It brings you everything you need in the form of panels right in your desktop.